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Waterproof Men's Suction Masturbator

Waterproof Men's Suction Masturbator

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Product Description

Experience the ultimate in pleasure and enhancement with our innovative 2-in-1 masturbator. This versatile device combines masturbation and penis enlargement training, thanks to its advanced motor automation.

With 7 swivel modes and 7 vacuum suction modes, you can freely explore a variety of combinations to push you to the edge and experience different levels of pleasure.


Penis Enlargement Trainer: Not only does this device provide a new masturbation experience with rotary clip suction, but it can also assist in penis erection and enlargement. The 7 suction levels help train your erection function and enhance your sexual endurance.


Fully Waterproof: Unlike most electric masturbators, this one is fully waterproof and can be used underwater. Its sealed motor and battery design keeps it safe from liquids.


Removable & Easy Cleaning: The flexible TPE inner sleeve is body-friendly and easy to clean. Simply remove it and wash with cold or warm water using neutral or mild soaps.


Use Tips: A full charge takes 4 hours and provides about 1 hour of use. Charge it before storage for a longer lifespan. The runtime light indicates its status while in use or charging.


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