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Ten Mode Male Automatic Masturbation Cup

Ten Mode Male Automatic Masturbation Cup

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Product Description

This advanced male masturbation cup offers a plethora of features, including independent control over thrusting, sucking, and vibrating functions. With 4*4 thrusting and sucking modes, ranging from gentle strokes to intense sensations, it's designed to build up to explosive orgasms.


Featuring 10 vibration modes and a built-in bullet within its lifelike sleeve, this masturbator delivers immersive vibrations along your entire penis, ensuring a professional-level experience.


Engage One-Click Climax Mode by double-clicking the thrust button for an instant surge. Powered by a substantial 1500 mAh battery and compatible with water-based lubricants, it's an invitation to ride the wave and explore new realms of pleasure, creating an unforgettable experience.


Equipped with an LED monitor displaying thrusting and sucking levels, this Blowjob Machine lets you control the intensity—long, powerful strokes or quick, intense releases—according to your preference. Additionally, it features a heatable base that reaches up to 104℉ in just 10 minutes, providing a lifelike and comfortable experience even in colder weather.


Designed to accommodate most sizes and lengths, this machine prioritizes comfort, control, and fantasy. The TPE material used in the liner is soft, skin-friendly, and offers a realistic 3D textured tunnel for an enhanced experience. Easy-to-clean liners complement the machine's design, though it's important to note that the machine itself is not waterproof; the liner and bullet vibrator must be removed for cleaning.


This discreet, compact, and value-packed device, with a quieter motor than previous models, is travel-friendly, ensuring pleasure anywhere, anytime. We prioritize your privacy with 100% discreet packaging and strict confidentiality. Our passionate customer service team is available 24/7 to address any queries, ensuring you're fully satisfied with your new sexual secret weapon.


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