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Self-rotating Propulsive Masturbation Cup

Self-rotating Propulsive Masturbation Cup

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Product Description

Introducing our Male Masturbator featuring 7 Thrusting & Spinning Modes, a premium pleasure device engineered for exceptional satisfaction. Crafted with a high-quality rotating motor and meticulous craftsmanship, this masturbator eliminates potential jamming issues common in similar products, ensuring a seamless and pain-free experience.


Experience a sensational journey with the combined movement and rotation of this sex toy, providing unparalleled pleasure. For optimal comfort, it's advised to use ample water-based lube, and the included lube is an added bonus for your convenience.


Made from eco-friendly TPE material, this masturbator offers a realistic feel with its soft and textured granules, complemented by a multi-layered spiral interior.


It's USB rechargeable, ensuring continuous enjoyment without worrying about battery replacements. Moreover, it doubles as a penis trainer or training tool pump for added versatility.


With a simple one-button function, activating the penis vibrator and experiencing the unique irregular particle shape becomes effortless, making this adult sex toy incredibly user-friendly.


Cleaning this men's sex toy is hassle-free. Unlike other penis pumps or similar toys, its detachable sleeve, crafted from soft TPE material, can be easily removed from the cup and rinsed under running water. The inner sleeve is the focus of cleaning, as the entire toy is not waterproof.


Designed for convenience, this male masturbator comes with a firm suction base, allowing it to securely attach to any smooth hard surface, enabling hands-free enjoyment in various locations such as the bathroom or bedroom.


Rest assured, all our sex toys are discreetly delivered in unmarked packaging to ensure your privacy is respected. Enjoy the ultimate pleasure discreetly and comfortably with our Male Masturbator, designed to elevate your intimate moments.

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