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Rose Remote-Controlled Vibrating Anal Plug

Rose Remote-Controlled Vibrating Anal Plug

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Product Description

​The anal vibrator offers 10 distinctive patterns of vibration. You can effortlessly switch between these modes using the remote control or the button on the device, allowing you to explore a variety of sensations. These stimulating patterns are designed to awaken the delicate nerves in your posterior, providing a satisfying sense of fullness. With its versatile vibrations and the alluring design of the rose-shaped vibrator, it promises to deliver profound and intense anal pleasure that will pleasantly surprise you every time. It's an exceptional choice for both women and men seeking the best in anal pleasure.


​​This rose-shaped anal vibrator offers a multitude of play options. It serves as an anal plug, a prostate massager, a G-spot stimulator, and even a nipple vibrator for women. It's not just a source of thrilling anal expansion and heightened vibration experiences; it can also provide pleasurable stimulation to the G-spot, C-spot, and A-spot. What's more, its compact size makes it easily portable, fitting discreetly into your pocket or handbag.


​This adult vibrator is crafted from body-safe silicone, ensuring a soft, smooth, and skin-friendly experience. The smooth surface makes anal insertion comfortable and free from discomfort.


​​This anal sex toy is both waterproof and rechargeable, enhancing its durability and longevity. As it doesn't have a charging port on the butt plug, it's entirely waterproof, and cleanup is a breeze.


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