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Rose Duo Sensual Massage Toy

Rose Duo Sensual Massage Toy

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Product Description

Experience the ultimate in intimate pleasure with our revolutionary toy that combines realistic licking sensations and powerful vibrations. This exquisite device offers 9 unique modes, from gentle caresses to wild, intense movements, designed to elevate your pleasure to unimaginable heights.


The rose vibrator's design maximizes sensory delight, ensuring breathless orgasms. Its IPX7 waterproof rating makes it an ideal companion for playful moments in the shower or bath, adding a new dimension to your sensual adventures.


Convenience meets efficiency with the USB magnetic charging cable, providing 1 hour of blissful use after just 2 hours of charging. Made from body-safe silicone, the Tongue Licking Pleasure vibrator guarantees safety and comfort, while its whisper-quiet operation ensures discretion.


Unlock a new world of pleasure with the Tongue Licking Pleasure vibrator. Experience double stimulation and elevate your intimate moments to new heights, leaving you yearning for more. Discover a level of pleasure beyond your imagination.

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