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Fully Automatic Telescopic Suction Masturbation Cup

Fully Automatic Telescopic Suction Masturbation Cup

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Experience 7 Thrusting & Vibrating Modes: Immerse yourself in various rhythms with adjustable speeds ranging from 190 to 300 thrusts per minute. Choose your favorite mode or combine speeds for unique variations. Each thrusting action is complemented by coordinated vibrations, with 3 speeds increasing as the telescoping mode accelerates.


Instant Orgasm Mode: Engage the storm mode reaching up to 320 thrusts per minute, intensifying pleasure sensations. The heightened stimulation builds gradually, culminating in a powerful experience that ignites your senses and spreads throughout your body. This masturbator can be used for solo play or as a training tool for pushing boundaries.


Realistic TPE Masturbator Sleeve: Crafted from eco-friendly TPE material, this toy offers a soft, textured experience. Its 3 chambers feature various textures, from spiral pleats for penile massage to bumps for enhanced sensations during thrusting and a suction cup for glans stimulation. The 5.71-inch sleeve accommodates various penis sizes.


Waterproof & Easy Maintenance: Disassembly requires only two simple steps: unlock the sleeve and remove it. Cleaning is hassle-free; rinse with water and maintain with body powder. The sealed sleeve prevents liquid from reaching the motor during use.


Discreet Packaging & Customer Service: This discreetly packaged masturbator combines style and function, making it an ideal gift for bachelor parties. We prioritize customer privacy with packaging that bears no labels or pictures. 


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