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Exquisite Anal Butt Plug Set

Exquisite Anal Butt Plug Set

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Introducing our 100% brand new Smooth, Solid Stainless Steel Jewel Adornment Anal Butt Plug Set, specially designed to enrich your intimate moments. Crafted with precision, these butt plugs are the epitome of luxury and pleasure.


Each set includes three sizes to cater to your preferences: Large (104mm*29mm), Medium (88mm*26mm), and Small (70mm*22mm). These perfectly sized plugs are ideal for beginners, ensuring a comfortable and exciting introduction to anal play.


Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, these butt plugs are not only safe but also non-poisonous and odor-free. Their smooth surface feels incredible to the touch, and the ergonomic design makes them easy to insert, enhancing your pleasure in every way.


The jewel adornment on each plug adds an elegant and enticing touch to your intimate experiences. These jeweled butt plugs also make an excellent gift for your loved one, allowing you to share in the excitement of exploring new sensations together.


Enrich your sex life and indulge in the sensuous luxury of our Smooth Stainless Steel Jewel Adornment Anal Butt Plug Set. Discover a world of pleasure and intimacy like never before.

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