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Electric Vacuum Masturbator Cup

Electric Vacuum Masturbator Cup

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Unparalleled Power and Versatility: This device offers powerful rotation and thrusting modes, along with a specially designed sleeve cup and a secure suction base, ensuring a deeply satisfying experience.


One-Click Climax: Press the "lightning" button for an instant boost in thrust and rotation, taking you to an electrifying climax. Perfect for quick, intense relief, even when your partner is unavailable.


Powerful Rotating & Thrusting Modes: Experience a variety of thrusting and spinning modes with textured sleeves, keeping each moment unique. It can also help improve endurance for a more exciting couple's life.


3D Realistic Sleeve: The lifelike 3D Realistic Sleeve with soft texture and intricate pleats mimics oral sex. It's a premium choice, unlike cheap, hard plastic alternatives.


Easy to Clean: Maintaining your device is effortless with a detachable, washable sleeve. Discreet packaging ensures your privacy.

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