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Banana Remote Control Wearable Vibrating Egg

Banana Remote Control Wearable Vibrating Egg

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Introducing the Banana Remote Control Wearable Vibrating Egg – an exquisite fusion of pleasure and discretion. Immerse yourself in a symphony of sensations with its 9-frequency settings, offering both internal and external stimulation. This wearable wonder boasts a user-friendly one-click operation, ensuring that pleasure is just a touch away.
Crafted with precision, it features a unique design to fit the clitoris with fancy finesse, while seamlessly conforming to the human body structure to target the elusive G-spot directly.
Enhance your intimate moments with the included remote control, allowing you to explore pleasure from a distance of 16 to 33 feet (5 to 10 meters). The traceless strap-on design ensures a discreet and comfortable experience, allowing you to indulge in hands-free delight.
Stay powered up for endless pleasure with convenient USB charging. Take your adventures to the next level confidently, as the Banana Vibrating Egg is IPX7 waterproof, inviting you to explore aquatic pleasures and facilitating effortless cleaning.
Elevate your intimate experiences with this innovative and versatile pleasure device, meticulously designed to blend sophisticated technology with the ultimate in user satisfaction. The Banana Remote Control Wearable Vibrating Egg promises a tantalizing journey into pleasure, redefining the boundaries of your desires.
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