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Automobile-themed Voice Masturbation Cup

Automobile-themed Voice Masturbation Cup

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Product Description

This innovative device is equipped with intuitive controls for a customized experience. With dedicated power, voice, vibrating, and sucking buttons, enjoy easy access to various sensations. Simply click the power button or voice button to switch sound, and long-press to power off.Automobile-themed_voice_masturbation_cup_white_1

Engage the vibrating function by long-touching the vibration key, offering 9 frequency settings, and switch off with another long touch.


For suction pleasures, long-touch the sucking button to activate suction, exploring 9 frequency settings, and long-touch again to deactivate. Control this device effortlessly via the LCD touch control, designed for convenient self-operation.


Featuring palmar engineering design, it ensures a comfortable grip while providing strong suction and tight winding sensations. Its built-in pulsating function heightens the experience, while the voice of a female actress adds to the immersive ambiance.


Experience the ultimate in pleasure with this cutting-edge device, offering a combination of intense sensations and advanced controls.

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