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Automatic Suck Delay Training Masturbator

Automatic Suck Delay Training Masturbator

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Product Description

Made from high-quality, skin-friendly silicone and ABS material, this male masturbator ensures a soft and comfortable experience. Measuring 125 * 52mm, it offers a larger internal coverage space for heightened stimulation.


Packed with multiple functions, this device boasts a powerful built-in motor offering 7-frequency tongue licking and 3-frequency sucking functions. Operating in a 360° pattern and featuring a vacuum sucking mode, this toy delivers diverse combinations of vibration, vacuum, and strong suction for ultimate satisfaction.


Experience silent enjoyment with this vibrating masturbation device operating at a noise level of under 50 decibels. Mimicking the sensation of real vaginal touch, it effectively massages and stimulates the glans and penis, serving as both a trainer and endurance tool.


Designed with an IPX6 waterproof grade, this Automatic Male Masturbator Cup enables use in damp environments like bathrooms and bathtubs (avoid prolonged soaking). It's easily cleaned with water after use and features USB magnetic suction charging, providing approximately 1 hour of usage when fully charged.


Delivered in discreet packaging, you'll receive 1 male masturbation cup without any adult product information on the outer packaging, ensuring your privacy is protected.


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