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Auto-propulsion Hands-free Masturbator

Auto-propulsion Hands-free Masturbator

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[2-in-1 Male Masturbator and Penis Trainer] Experience ultimate pleasure with this versatile male sex toy that combines thrusting and vibrating capabilities, designed for endurance training, edging, and enhanced pleasure. It aims to provide both powerful performance and durability while improving sexual abilities and prolonging intimacy.


[7 Vibrant Vibration Modes and 5 Strong Thrusting Modes] This automatic male masturbator boasts 7 intense vibration and 5 thrusting modes. Separate control buttons allow simultaneous adjustment, offering a unique blend of customizable thrusting and vibrations. The adaptable male masturbator cup caters to diverse needs, ensuring varied and enjoyable experiences.


[Visible Window and Auto-Rest Function] Innovatively designed with a visible window, this toy allows you to witness captivating actions within, delivering an exceptional visual experience. The inner sleeve of this pocket pussy automatically returns to its original position after use, enhancing ease of operation.


[3D Realistic Textured Sleeves Male Stroker] Crafted from high-quality silicone material, the automatic adult sex toy's inner sleeve ensures safety, flexibility, and realistic sensations. Delve into a textured world hidden within the sturdy yet lightweight cup, where stimulating nubs and ridges enhance every sensation.


[Easy-to-Clean Detachable Design for Men's Pleasure] The Men's Masturbation Cup features a detachable inner sleeve for hassle-free maintenance. Simply remove the sleeve from the cup and rinse thoroughly with running water or mild soap. For optimal usage, pair with water-based lubricants.


[Discreet Packaging and Customer Service] Delivered in an airtight box without any markings, ensuring privacy. USB charging enhances waterproof performance; avoid soaking the massager machine in water to prolong its lifespan. Contact us for professional after-sales service regarding any queries or assistance.

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