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Telescopic Auto Tongue-Licking Pleasure Egg

Telescopic Auto Tongue-Licking Pleasure Egg

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Elevate your pleasure with our G-Spot Vibrator, featuring an impressive range of sensations for your ultimate satisfaction. With 10 Biting Modes and 10 Vibrating/Thrusting Modes, this vibrator offers a customizable experience that can range from gentle nibbles to powerful thrusts, catering to your every desire.


Charging is a breeze with user-friendly instructions and a convenient charging indicator, ensuring you're always prepared for playtime, no interruptions required.

Dive into a world of aquatic adventures with our IPX6 waterproof vibrator, adding a splash of excitement to your routine. Take your pleasure to new depths with the versatility to enjoy your moments in the bathroom without worry.


Indulge in your private pleasures with confidence, as our vibrator boasts extreme mute technology, keeping sound levels as low as ≤60db. Your intimate moments remain your secret, allowing you to savor every sensation in peace.


Experience the epitome of pleasure and upgrade your intimate moments with our G-Spot Vibrator, designed for dual delights, discretion, and ultimate convenience. Unleash the power of customization and transform your intimate experiences today.

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