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Automatic Male Masturbator - Penis Pump

Automatic Male Masturbator - Penis Pump

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Product Description

【Versatile Automatic Male Masturbator】- This masturbation cup offers rotation and thrust functions powered by a high-quality rotating motor with a bi-directional design. The speed and coordination of thrust and rotation are thoughtfully calibrated for optimal pleasure.


【7 Dynamic Modes & 1 Burst Mode】- Alongside lubricant and earphones, this masturbator features 7 thrusting and 7 rotating modes, plus a one-click burst mode. From gentle to intense sensations, choose the mode that suits your desires for a doubly stimulating experience. These massage functions can be used individually or together.


【Removable Elastic Silicone Sleeve & Sturdy Suction Cup】- The silicone cover, crafted from safe, high-quality materials, boasts a firm, silky texture that's easily cleaned. Equipped with a robust suction cup, this masturbator adheres firmly to various flat surfaces including bathroom tiles, kitchen counters, bedroom furniture, wooden doors, tables, walls, and floors.


【DC Charging & Convenient Size】- With a DC charging port and original cable, this masturbator requires 240 minutes to charge fully and delivers 90 minutes of continuous use. Its ergonomic size ensures comfortable handling and is accommodating to most penis sizes.


【Discreet Packaging】- To safeguard your privacy, this masturbator is discreetly packaged and shipped, ensuring complete confidentiality regarding its contents.


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