Summer Sex: Make Your Bedroom Games Passionate

Summer Sex: Make Your Bedroom Games Passionate

With the arrival of the summer heat, having sex without air conditioning becomes a lackluster affair. But don't let that bother you, the following are summer sex tips to make your sex passionate.

1. Take the easy way out

If you like slow, long-lasting sex, then the process of having sex in the hot summer months will raise your body temperature and even make you sweat. But some people would consider sweat low down on their body sexy.

If you don't think sweating is sexy, try having quick sex; after all, the longer you stay in the bedroom, the likelihood of sweating and the amount of sweating will be elevated. You can simplify the steps of foreplay by simply touching and kissing and then quickly thrusting. The length of time can be worked out based on your preferences. Using a lubricant in the process can make the sexual experience even better.

Since women need more time to get into the state, you can start sex before the start, through pornographic text messages, talking dirty in the ear, teasing the partner or the use of sex toys, etc. The rose toy is a good foreplay tool, which has a vibration and sucking double stimulation, which allows the body to enter into the state of excitement faster to achieve sexual arousal.

2. Timely supplemental water

The process of sex will consume a lot of energy and water, so timely replenishment of water is very necessary, will be water or drinks within reach, can let you stay fresh, reduce the possibility of heat stroke.

3. Underwater sex

The thought of summer conjures up images of water, seashores, beaches, etc., and the water's edge will also give people a cool and pleasant feeling. Hot summer, try to combine sex and water, such as shower sex, not only can achieve the effect of cooling summer, but also very convenient to clean, will not dirty the bed, minus the cleaning trouble.

Shower sex can also be an opportunity to try different positions and activities, which can bring freshness and excitement. Likewise there are many need to pay attention to, for example, pay attention to anti-slip, you can lay a non-slip floor mat on the ground to avoid falling. Water-based lubricants are easily washed away by water, so if you must use them, you need to turn off the water and apply them.

4. Temperature game

Temperature play is the stimulation brought about by feeling different temperatures. Common activities include ice play, candle play, and heating or cooling toys. Temperature play combined with sensory deprivation, such as blindfolds and earplugs, can enhance sensation and stimulation.

Ice games are more popular with the arrival of summer, experiencing the sensation of ice cubes sliding on the skin. You can also spread cream, honey and other foods on your partner's body and lick them slowly clean, enjoying both the temperature and the food.

Put your sex toys in ice cubes or heat them up, taking care to have battery-free sex toys only. The best materials are stainless steel or borate glass as they have good heat conductivity and have a more stimulating sensation.

5. Massage each other

An erotic massage for each other can not only bring physical and mental enjoyment, but also relieve fatigue and let us sleep better. You can use some massage oil containing menthol, which can bring a cool feeling and relieve the summer heat. Hands roaming over your partner's body, teasing your partner, exploring your partner's sensitive areas, observing your partner's feelings, is there anything sexier than that?

6. Dress cool

On a hot summer day, wearing the right kind of cool clothes can increase the coolness of your body while showing off your sexiness and delicate curves.

For example, silk pajamas, sexy lingerie sets, or white, slightly transparent T-shirts to give your partner a wet body temptation. Dress sexy, not only can feel cool, but also can provide a strong visual stimulation feelings.

7. Give your partner a surprise

If you don't have air conditioning at home, try surprising your partner by choosing a short trip to a scenic location or how about enjoying a cool experience at a nearby hotel? Come embrace and unleash your desires, explore your sexual fantasies and fetishes, or try out new sex toys to realize the sex of your dreams. Sensual passion can be aroused without having to worry about the heat. While this approach isn't for everyone, especially those on a budget, there are still plenty of ways we can feel passionate about sex in the summer.

Final Thoughts

Don't let the hot temperatures stop you from thinking about sex. These are a few ways to have more passionate sex and a better experience in the summer. Enjoy the passion, heat and coolness of summer, but at the same time don't forget to ensure your partner's consent and implement safety measures.

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