How to use a rose toy?

How to use a rose toy?

With the growth of the sex toy industry, there have been numerous innovations in sex toys, so what makes Rose Toys so appealing? And what makes rose toys so special? This article will give a comprehensive introduction to rose toys and how to use them.

What is Rose Toys?

The Rose Toy is a vibrator that is designed to look like a rose and is very discreet. Because of its beautiful appearance and design, and can bring and other sex toys different feelings and quickly popular on TIKTOK, more and more people are interested in it, the rose toy is really true to its name.

How do rose toys work?

The Rose Toy is designed with pulsating suction, and the dual stimulation of suction and vibration delivers the ultimate oral sex-like experience.

Why are Rose Toys so popular?

1. Unique exterior design

Rose toys are popular because of their unique design and are small, portable and discreet at the same time.

2. Unique technology

The dual stimulation of vibration and sucking delivers an oral sex-like experience and a stimulating sensation unlike any other sex toy.

3. Versatile functionality

Rose toys have 10 vibration modes, which can bring more experiences and feelings, and can better help you find the intensity and vibration mode that suits you.

4. Multiple functions and types to choose from

With the popularity of rose toys, there are numerous sex toys designed after roses, such as double-headed rose toys and rose toy anal plugs.

This double-headed rose toy, for example, not only has a beautiful exterior design as well as a wide range of colours to choose from, but also delivers both internal and external stimulating sensations at the same time.

How to use a rose toy?

1. Clean Rose Toys

Cleaning your rose toy before and after use is not only good for your own health and safety, but it will also keep your rose toy with you for longer. Clean with water and mild soap before you start, but of course using a specialised toy cleaner is a more convenient option.

2. Use of lubricants

Lube can be a great way to enhance the sexual experience, not only during sex, but also when using rose toys. Using a lubricant can reduce the discomfort of friction and increase smoothness and pleasure. At the same time lube can keep the vacuum going for a longer period of time, leading to deeper and more intense sensations.

3. Take your time

Experimenting with the lowest gears at the beginning will not only result in pleasurable sensations, as well as better exploration of your preferred intensity, angle and position, but it will also avoid overly intense stimulation, which can lead to temporary numbness of the clitoris.

4. Try different poses and environments

If you are bored and uninterested in familiar poses or supine, try new poses and environments. Unfamiliar poses and environments add excitement, tension and freshness. For example, in a chair, on the couch, in the bathroom, in the car or even on the patio, but only if you keep yourself safe.

5. Add other sex toys

If you want more violent stimulation sensations, you can add other sex toys such as nipple clamps, anal plugs, dildos, wands, etc. for multiple stimulation sensations.

This Blazing Rose, for example, not only has a beautiful design, but also provides great visual enjoyment. It increases the pleasure of sex as well as adding excitement and tension.

6. Adding rose toys to your sex life

If you want to include rose toys in your sex life, the first and most important thing to do is, communicate with your partner to express your thoughts and desires. Make sure that your partner agrees before you can proceed and explore better.

How do you recharge Rose Toys?

In our shop, a magnetic charging base will be included with the purchase of Rose Toys. Magnetic charging will make charging easier and quicker without the embarrassment and dilemma of not having batteries at home. The Rose Toy takes about two hours to fully charge and can be used for about an hour after a full point, which is of course affected by the vibration mode.

How to Clean Rose Toys

Cleaning your rose toy with water and mild soap before and after use is not only good for your health and safety, but also reduces the risk of bacterial infection. And by cleaning the toy immediately before and after use, you can better protect the materials of the rose toy. After cleaning, use a clean cloth or towel and dry the rose toy.

How to keep your rose toy with you longer?

The two most important things to remember if you want your rose toy to last longer are cleaning and storage. Clean your rose toys before and after use, wipe them dry and then place them in a cool, out of direct sunlight, dry place to dry. After making sure the rose toy is dry, store it in a storage bag or box to not only reduce bacteria, but also to avoid cross contamination with other sex toys.

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