How to tell your partner that you are not satisfied with your sex life?

How to tell your partner that you are not satisfied with your sex life?

Talking about sex life sincerely is easy to say but not easy in reality. Because people are good at escaping and avoiding problems, and they are worried that telling their partners that they are not satisfied with their sex life will hurt their partners and the relationship between you. In fact, it is not like this. It is because you lack communication with each other that you are dissatisfied with sex. Therefore, it is important to tell your partner sincerely and communicate with your partner.

What does sexual satisfaction mean?

Sexual satisfaction means that both parties can enjoy sex and understand each other's sexual desires. And sexual satisfaction will increase sexual intimacy and sexual enthusiasm to a certain extent. Sexual satisfaction is also a good way to maintain a relationship and a basis for trying new activities.

Reasons for dissatisfaction with sex life

It is normal to feel dissatisfied with sex life. At the same time, there are many reasons for each other's dissatisfaction with sex life. The most important one is communication and exchange with your partner. For example, lack of sex education, being misled by pornography, or being overwhelmed by life and work will greatly affect sexual satisfaction.

How to tell your partner that you are dissatisfied with sex life?

1. Break the silence

If you have never talked about sex with your partner, try to introduce some topics, such as your favorite stars, to avoid embarrassment. Or the things you like recently, or the plots in the movies, etc., or any way that makes you comfortable talking about sex.

2. Talk about your feelings

Talk to your partner about your feelings, things you like or feel uncomfortable with during sex. Understand your feelings and demands, and what you really need in sex. For example, you want to extend or shorten the sex time, try a different position, like rough or gentle sex, or change the frequency of sex, etc. Talking about feelings with your partner can better solve each other's demands. Pay attention to avoid criticizing and blaming each other in this process.

3. Choose the right time and place

The right time and place are also key factors in talking about sex. Choose an environment and time that makes both parties feel safe and relaxed. At the same time, you don't want to be disturbed by others, or when both parties are busy, so it is important to arrange sex talks in advance and choose the right environment and time.

4. Seek help

If your sexual satisfaction cannot be solved through communication and exchange with each other, then it is important to seek help appropriately. You can find a sex therapist or psychologist to help you solve the problem and achieve better communication and exchange. Don't be embarrassed. It's not shameful to seek help appropriately. And getting effective help has a positive impact on both sex life and feelings.

Techniques to increase sexual satisfaction

1. Masturbation

Masturbation is a good way to understand yourself, find out what makes you feel happy, and what kind of behavior you prefer. And there are many benefits of masturbation, whether it is physical health or helping to relieve stress and anxiety, making yourself more relaxed and happy, and at the same time it can enhance sexual confidence and better express what you want to your partner.

2. Learning

Due to the lack of sex-related knowledge and skills, you will feel unsatisfied in your sex life. Therefore, understanding the relevant knowledge can help you understand better. You can fill in the knowledge through books or popular science videos on the Internet. And you can share the interesting and interesting knowledge points you see with your partner and talk about them together.

3. Frank communication and exchange

The basis of a relationship is communication. Only frank communication and exchange can better improve the relationship between each other and solve the problems in the relationship. Moreover, communication is not a one-time thing. Communication needs to be continuous and constant, because people's sexual desires and preferences will change over time.

4. Use lubricants

Lubricants are often overlooked, but they can actually be of great help to the sexual experience, especially when trying anal sex or not being able to secrete enough lubrication due to physical or age reasons. Improving the insufficient lubrication caused by insufficient preparation for foreplay can reduce friction and discomfort during sex. Ignite passion for sex and increase pleasure.

5. Use sex toys

Today, we have a variety of sex toys to choose from, from color, material to size. We can find what we like. Whether you are single or in a relationship. Those with partners can use sex toys as a tool to assist foreplay, and of course, they can also be used in combination with other sex toys to achieve a faster and more intense sex experience.

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