How to prepare for intimacy?

How to prepare for intimacy?

Before you start having sex, being prepared can greatly improve your sexual experience and allow you to better enjoy the pleasure of sex. Especially for the first time or for a partner who has just started to contact you, leave a good impression on the other party. This is a great way to bring each other closer and promote intimacy.

1. Body cleansing and care

Before having sex, it is important to cleanse and take proper care of your body. This is not only responsible for your own health and that of your partner. At the same time, it also leaves a good impression on the other person. A clean and tidy body can also increase your self-confidence. Pay extra attention to the hygiene of your nails, armpits, and mouth. Hair management can also be considered.

Take care of your body and apply body lotion to make your skin smoother and reduce friction caused by dryness.

2. Sexy outfits

Wearing underwear that makes you feel confident can not only stimulate sexual excitement, but sexy underwear can also make you feel good. Or if you like role-playing, you can also purchase related costumes to spice up your role-playing, so that you can be more immersed in the story.

3. Bedding is neat and tidy

The cleanliness of bedding is also a factor that affects sex, and a clean and tidy bedroom can also increase each other's sexual desire. You can also leave a good impression on the other person, so you can try to choose to decorate the bedroom, such as using scented candles to add a charming aroma to the room, or mood lights, sexy little decorations that you like. Creating a sexy playlist is also a fun idea. You and your partner can create a playlist that you find sexy.

4. Understand each other’s preferences and boundaries

Understanding each other's preferences and boundaries can help you have a better sex experience and avoid offending each other. Before you start having sex, you can arrange an open and sincere communication to understand what each other likes, what kind of behavior you like, how you want the other party to treat you, etc. Only by understanding these can you enjoy sex better, and can you Have a better sexual experience.

5. Foreplay

Breaking the prejudices and stereotypes about foreplay, foreplay can also be called sex. Foreplay is a part that we cannot ignore. It is not only for lubrication of the vagina. Paying attention to foreplay also pays attention to the feelings of the partner, and it is also a good way to sexually arouse. And many women don’t feel happy during penetrative sex. Then foreplay becomes their main source of pleasure, so focusing on foreplay also focuses on your partner's sexual experience and satisfaction. You can also use this method to tease your partner and bring them closer to each other.

6. Sex toys

Want to make your sex more exciting and fun? Why not try a new sex toy? Sex toys can not only be used as foreplay tools to help with sexual arousal, but sex toys can also be used in conjunction with each other to experience the stimulation and experience of mixed orgasms. A new sex toy can break the silence of the lake and bring new vitality to your sex life. Why not give it a try?

In today's growing sex toy industry, there are many types, colors and materials for you to choose from. If you are trying sex toys for the first time, I recommend rose sex toys to you. They not only have a beautiful and hidden appearance, but are also powerful and can allow you to experience the pleasure of intense oral sex.

7. Have condoms and lubricants ready

Preparing lubricant is a very wise choice. Lubricant can not only reduce friction and discomfort caused by dryness, increase lubrication, but also enhance pleasure. Moreover, current lubricants also have many other functions, such as cold-sensing and hot-sensing lubricants, bringing you novel experiences. If you are a novice and don’t know which type of lubricant to choose, my recommendation is to try water-based lubricants. Not only can it give you a good feeling, it is also more suitable for sensitive skin, and water-based lubricants are suitable for It will not react with most latex condoms or silicone sex toys.

If you are not ready to have a baby, it is necessary to take safety precautions. Moreover, using condoms can greatly reduce the probability of disease transmission and protect our health. Especially for couples who have just been together or partners who have just met, it is very necessary to take safety measures.

8. Make a sex wish list

Are you bored with routine in a long-term relationship? Want to add new excitement and adventure to your sex life? Why not create a sexual wish list to add new ideas and ideas to your sex life. Try new activities to spice up your sex life, such as BDSM, role play, temperature play, exploring sexual fantasies, dirty talking, sexting, and more.

Final thoughts

It is important to be prepared before sex, not only to have a better sex experience, but also to enhance self-confidence, allowing us to better enjoy the process of sex.

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