How to increase your chances of orgasming during sex?

How to increase your chances of orgasming during sex?

Why is it hard for you to have an orgasm? It is difficult for women to achieve orgasm during penetrative sex, and the main sexual pleasure lies in foreplay. So how can we have better orgasms, increase the possibility of orgasm and have a more pleasurable experience. If you want to increase your chances of orgasming during sex, there are a few things you can try.

1. Redefine foreplay

Breaking the inherent stereotypes about foreplay, foreplay can also be called sex. Get creative with foreplay. For example, you can include dates, sexting, etc. in foreplay. Understand each other's sexual arousal patterns and incorporate them into foreplay.

Foreplay is a part that we cannot ignore. It is not only for lubrication of the vagina. Paying attention to foreplay also pays attention to the feelings of the partner, and it is also a good way to sexually arouse. And many women don’t feel happy during penetrative sex. Then foreplay becomes their main source of pleasure, so focusing on foreplay also focuses on your partner's sexual experience and satisfaction. You can also use this method to tease your partner and bring them closer to each other.

2. Understand each other’s sexual preferences

Communication is the foundation of everything. Communicate sincerely with your partner, choose a suitable time and place to communicate, understand each other's preferences, understand what kind of behavior your partner likes, what you like to do to him, and understand each other's sexual fantasies and Fetishes, trying new activities and sexual positions and places.

3. Explore sexual fantasies

It is important to understand each other's sexual fantasies. Sexual fantasies can arouse people's sexual desire and achieve sexual excitement and arousal through imagination or memory, such as pornographic literature, pornographic works, etc. Sexual fantasies are normal and common. Some sexual fantasies can also be seen in mainstream film and television works. We can also realize our sexual fantasies through role-playing. Exploring sexual fantasies is a very effective way to increase sexual arousal and increase the likelihood of orgasm.

4. Watch pornography

Watching pornography can regulate your emotions and feel the atmosphere of romantic and erotic scenes in pornography. Give you a better visual and auditory experience. Of course, watching pornography can also be used as a kind of foreplay to better arouse and maintain sexual excitement. During this process, communicating about the types of porn you like and what kind of behaviors, scenes and plot settings you like can better understand each other's preferences, while promoting sexual intimacy and providing a direction for exploring sexual fantasies. Watching pornographic works can better promote orgasm and have a better sexual experience.

5. Understand your body’s sensitivities

You can learn what you like and which parts are more sensitive by touching and kissing various parts of your body. Guide your partner to better touch and please themselves, enhance pleasure and increase the possibility of orgasm.

6. Try oral sex

If you want to try new activities and have a very exciting experience. Trying oral sex is a very good choice, it can stimulate the clitoris well and bring different feelings.

7. Try new sex positions and scenarios

Are you bored and tired of missionary sex? You can try new positions such as doggy style, spooning, 69, cowgirl, etc. Just small changes can bring new vitality and vitality to your sex life.

Are you tired of having sex in bed? Try a new environment and change the scene. Such as bathroom, living room, terrace, or try outdoor scenes, such as car sex, parks after dark, etc. If you try outdoor scenes, remember to pay attention to safety and choose a quiet place with few people. The new environment will bring new exciting feelings and attractions. If you're used to a certain scene or routine, try a new one to make room for your sex.

8. Add sex toys

If you're having trouble achieving orgasm during sex, why not try adding sex toys? Sex toys can not only provide strong stimulation, but can also operate for a long time. Reduce the orgasm gap between the sexes, serve as a foreplay tool, help you achieve better sexual arousal, and more. Sex toys can bring a lot of benefits and stimulation. If you are a newbie or haven’t decided which sex toy to buy yet, I highly recommend it to you. Rose sex toys not only have beautiful appearance and design, but also have powerful functions. It has dual functions of vibrating and sucking, giving you the stimulation and experience of oral sex. If you haven’t had one yet, why not try it?

Final thoughts

Pay more attention to your own feelings and experiences during sex. If it is difficult for you to reach orgasm, you can have a sincere communication with your partner to express your needs. Try new positions and scenarios, add sex toys, and focus on foreplay to have a better sexual experience and experience the pleasure of orgasm.

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