How to improve your sex game experience?

How to improve your sex game experience?

Has sex lately left you feeling dull and uninteresting? Want new excitement and techniques, shake up your existing situation, and reignite your passion? Take your sex and lovemaking experience to the next level. Here are a few tips that can help you improve your sex life and give you new ideas and ideas.

1. Extend foreplay

Foreplay is an important part of sex and can greatly improve your sexual experience. Then it is necessary to extend foreplay. Foreplay can not only narrow the orgasm gap between the sexes, but also allow women to have a better sexual experience. It can also promote sexual arousal, lubricate the vagina, increase pleasure during sexual intercourse, reduce friction and discomfort, and avoid injuries. Prolonging foreplay can provide more pleasurable feelings, enhance mutual affection and intimacy, and add stimulation and sexual excitement in the process of teasing each other.

2. Sexting

Sexting is a very popular and generally accepted thing in the 21st century. And whether it's a long-term relationship or a new friend you just met, make sure the other person agrees. Sexting is an act that can quickly ignite passion and sexual excitement. Sexting can also bring you closer together and boost your confidence. Sending sex messages not only includes verbal teasing, but can also include sending sexy photos of yourself to make each other feel sexually excited.

3. Try to explore sexual fantasies

Want to explore your sexual fantasies? Or do you have some sexual fetishes that you haven’t told your partner? If you want to include them in sex, it's important to communicate with your partner and make sure they agree and understand their boundaries. Exploring your partner’s consent is a prerequisite to exploring your sexual fantasies and respecting your partner’s boundaries. You can set a safeword before you start to make your exploration more enjoyable. Exploring sexual fantasies not only adds new excitement to your sex, but also allows you to better understand yourself, and also provides the possibility to try more new activities.

4. Try new things

If you are bored with your daily routine, try some new activities. You can start with some small changes, which may bring freshness and excitement to your sex life. Such as BDSM, role play, exploring fetishes and more. New activities can bring new vitality to your sex life, but remember to communicate with your partner before starting to ensure their consent.

5. Dirty words

You may find it embarrassing to talk about dirty work at first, but talking about dirty work is the most underrated way to improve your sex life. Talking dirty can quickly ignite sexual desire and promote sexual arousal. Swearing doesn't happen overnight, it takes practice slowly, so don't have too high demands on yourself at the beginning. Keep a normal mind and try it a few times to find out what words will make you feel more excited. And dirty words can appear in many situations, not just during sex.

6. Add sex toys

Want to make your sex more exciting and fun? Why not try a new sex toy? Sex toys can not only be used as foreplay tools to help with sexual arousal, but sex toys can also be used in conjunction with each other to experience the stimulation and experience of mixed orgasms. A new sex toy can break the silence of the lake and bring new vitality to your sex life. Why not give it a try? In today's growing sex toy industry, there are many types, colors and materials for you to choose from. If you are trying sex toys for the first time, I recommend rose sex toys to you. They not only have a beautiful and hidden appearance, but are also powerful and can allow you to experience the pleasure of intense oral sex.

7. Try new positions and locations

Are you tired of having sex in bed? Why not try to unlock new scenes such as the bathroom, living room, terrace, car or even outdoors. However, you must ensure your own safety and choose a quiet time with few people. Missionary sex is great, but it's not a bad idea to try new positions. There are a variety of sexual positions to choose from, such as doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, lotus position, spooning, etc. Try new sex positions, and you may discover new stimulating feelings for you.

8. Oral sex

Many people may not be able to accept oral sex, but oral sex must be a way for partners to feel pleasure, or a wonderful experience, and it can also bring them closer together. If you have an idea you want to try, why not? Isn't it fun to try using your tongue and lips to tease your partner and give her a more intense stimulation experience?

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