How to hide a sex toy

How to hide a sex toy

If you live with your parents, roommates, or children, you definitely don't want them to find your sex toys. In order to avoid the embarrassment of discovering your sex toys, how to hide your sex toys is a matter worth considering. Choosing a suitable place to hide your sex toys can not only avoid embarrassment but also better maintain the sex toys.

Why is storage important?

1. Easier to find

Sex toys have a dedicated place to store, which can not only avoid the embarrassment of being discovered, but also help you find them better. Make the room tidy,

2. Keep it clean

Good storage can not only reduce bacteria and dust, but also reduce the risk of disease infection. It can also avoid cross-infection with other items, and even destroy the materials of sex toys, causing damage to sex toys. And good storage can avoid this very well.

How to hide a sex toy?

How to store your sex toys is both convenient and well hidden. Below I will recommend several good storage locations for you.

Drawers of bedside tables

Storing sex toys is the most common, and the first thing to mention is the drawer of the bedside table. It is very convenient to put sex toys there, although there is a higher risk of being discovered. But you can try to lock the bedside table, or equip it with a small lock, which can protect it well.


You can put it in a suitcase that is not often used, and you will not rummage through it in daily life. It is very safe to put it in the suitcase, and you can also set a password lock to further enhance the protection measures. Put the suitcase under the bed for easier access and use.

Storage box

Choose a special storage box for sex toys, which is not only convenient for classification, but also has a good dust-proof effect. Choose an opaque storage box with a lock, which can protect privacy well. Put the storage box in the room, such as in the closet, under the bed, etc.


The closet is also a great place to store sex toys. If your closet has compartments or locked drawers, put the sex toys in the drawer of the closet, which can be well hidden. If the sex toys are small, they can also be placed in the pockets of clothes and coats that are not often worn. But remember to wash the sex toys before and after use to avoid dirtying clothes and reduce bacterial growth.

How to maintain sex toys?

1. Timely cleaning

Before and after use, clean the sex toys with clean water and mild, unscented soap. Of course, if you want to be more convenient, you can use a special toy cleaner. Clean the sex toys in time before and after use. This is not only a guarantee of your own health and safety, but also allows the sex toys to accompany you for a longer time.

2. Correct storage

After cleaning the sex toys, wipe them dry with a clean cloth or towel, and dry them in a dry, safe and away from extreme temperatures away from direct sunlight. Store them after ensuring that they are dry.

The storage location should also meet the requirements of avoiding direct sunlight, dryness and away from extreme temperatures. You can use storage bags for storage. If you don’t have them, ordinary bags can also be used. Using storage bags can separate sex toys from other items to avoid cross infection, while reducing bacteria and dust.

How much space do I need for sex toy storage?

This depends on the size of your sex toys. Most of the above options meet the 6-7 inch sex toy size. If you have some larger sex toys, you can organize your sex toys and measure the size, buy storage boxes for classification and better storage.

Items that can be considered for storage include lubricants, condoms, sex toys, chargers, sex toy cleaners, extra batteries, and delay sprays. Follow this list to add or subtract items and choose storage bags and boxes of appropriate sizes.

Final thoughts

If you live with your parents or other people and don't want others to find your sex toys, then the above locations and methods can provide good ideas for your storage. Choosing appropriate storage bags and boxes, as well as locking sex toys, can better protect your privacy and avoid embarrassment.

But don't forget to clean and dry them completely before storage, which can reduce the growth of bacteria, reduce the risk of inflammation and disease infection, and is a guarantee of your own safety and health, and can also allow sex toys to accompany you for a longer time.

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