How to have better orgasms?

How to have better orgasms?

Whether you are not satisfied with your current sex life, or you want to add new stimulation and new creative ideas to your sex life, next I will talk about 8 ways on how to have better orgasms.

1. Pay attention to foreplay

Foreplay is not just an appetizer, it can make the body better sexually aroused and provide sufficient lubrication for the body. A good foreplay greatly enhances the sexual experience. Foreplay can bring you closer to each other and keep your body in a state of sexual excitement and tension. Therefore, we must pay attention to foreplay, which not only focuses on women’s sexual experience, but also reduces pain and discomfort in the subsequent process.

2. Massage each other

Before you start, you can give each other a massage. You can use your hands or other means to stimulate your partner's feelings, so that each other can experience comfort and relaxation. Sensual massage is a great way to enhance feelings and can also be used as foreplay to awaken each other's bodies. At the same time, sensual massage can relieve pain and release stress. It is also a way to express care and affection to your partner. Therefore, sensual massage can bring many benefits and is a perfect choice to integrate into your sex life.

3. Communicate about sex

If you want to have a better orgasm, talking to your partner is essential. Remember to make an appointment at a suitable place and time. Talk openly with your partner about this matter. It is important to understand each other's preferences and boundaries during open discussions. You can also prepare a yes and no list in advance, which will help you understand each other's boundaries and make it better. records and preservation.

4. Try new sex positions

If you're tired of missionary, you can try some new positions and new sex scenes. For example, 69, doggy style, cowgirl, etc. You have sex away from the bed, you can try it on the sofa, on the terrace or even in the car. But be careful and choose a quiet place with few people.

5. Incorporate sex toys into sex

Using sex toys can not only add interest and stimulation, but also provide a better sexual experience. The orgasm gap between the sexes still exists. Adding sex toys to your sex life can reduce this gap and make both of you feel happy. It can also enhance mutual emotional and sexual intimacy.

Moreover, using a vibrator can better explore your own body and your own preferences. It can provide you with good feelings and sexual pleasure whether you have a partner or not. You can do it exactly according to your own wishes and experience happiness. Of course, using vibrators is not only good for health and allows us to better understand our own preferences, but vibrators also have different types and functions. You can try a few more to find your favorite. You can also use them in combination to get better results. Stimulates a more intense orgasm experience.

You can try some new sex toys, or try some less conventional sex toys. For example, cock rings, butt plugs, dildos, etc., you can also use them in combination. Glass and stainless steel toys in particular are great for experimenting with temperature play.

6. Use lubricating oil

Using lubricant can add pleasure and stimulation to your sex, while also reducing the discomfort and pain caused by friction.

Adding some lubrication when using sex toys can make mutual masturbation more exciting and fun. Use lube to make sex faster and reduce friction and increase comfort. If you don't know what lubricant to choose, my suggestion is a water-based lubricant, a lubricant that is suitable for most situations.

7. Try new activities

You can try some new sexual activities such as sexting, BDSM, role play, temperature play, mirror sex, and more. For example, sexting can be a great way to start flirting, and you can eventually try phone sex, video, mutual masturbation, or role play. Of course, it’s also a very good idea to find a suitable remote-controlled sex toy and explore it however you like. You can even send your sexy lingerie or sex toys to the other party. Temperature play is a great sensory exploration game in which you blindfold your partner to magnify their senses. Whether it is dripping wax or ice cubes, it can produce strong stimulation and sexual excitement. You can also choose heated or cooled sex toys, which alternate between hot and cold to stimulate your partner's senses. You can choose sexual activities that interest you and try them, as long as you agree.

8. Explore sexual fantasies

Many people may find it difficult to disclose their sexual fantasies to their partners. But if your partner is interested in your sexual fantasies, you're not missing out on something wonderful. What’s more, you can explore your sexual fantasies and explore your boundaries together. New excitement can also be discovered.

If you have some perverted sexual fantasies that you dare not implement in reality, or have no chance to try, pornography is a good way to satisfy your sexual fantasies. It can not only satisfy your sexual fantasies and keep you safe The enjoyment of immersing yourself in sexual fantasies can also be used as a reference and learning for exploring sexual fantasies, so that subsequent practice can proceed more smoothly.

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