How to enhance your sexting experience

How to enhance your sexting experience

I believe everyone is familiar with sexting. Sexting is also a good way to ignite each other's sexual desire and excitement. It can also be a good way for partners who are in different places to get closer to each other. Whether you're in a long-term romantic relationship or a new acquaintance, a new spark can be ignited, as long as both parties agree.

Sexting is well known and popular, but not everyone is great at it. Sexting takes a lot of practice and doesn't happen overnight, so it's normal to feel unskilled or awkward at first.

1. Make sure the other party agrees

The most important thing you can do before you start sexting is to ask your partner for permission. Understanding each other's boundaries and desires is a great start. Consent is a very sexy thing. If the other person is scared or not interested in it, after you introduce your strengths and points of interest, if you are still not interested in it, then it is very important to respect your partner's opinion and respect the other person. It is also a way to maintain a relationship.

After trying sexting, it's also a good idea to have a review. You can better understand what you or the other party are interested in, and what behaviors make them feel excited. Sharing these not only brings each other closer, but is also a good sexting practice and enhances each other's sexting experience.

2. Choose the right time and environment

Sending sexting is not only about ensuring the consent of both parties, it is also important to choose a suitable time and environment. After all, you don’t want the information you send to be seen or made public. So before you start, you can tentatively ask the other party to make sure that the other party is in a safe environment before starting to send. Speaking of the right time, I think most people would choose night, which is full of charm and temptation. Of course, if you think it's more exciting and exciting during the day, why not?

3. Take your time

When you first try sexting, take your time and don't rush it. Start with some slow, sexy expressions of what you want to do, such as I really want to kiss every part of your body, from your collarbone to the corner of your mouth. Or you can choose some open-ended questions and conversations, such as guess what I wore today? Let me tell you a secret. These conversations can use imagination and keep your partner curious.

4. Share a fantasy

Sharing a fantasy in your mind about what you want the other person to do or what you want your partner to do, and describing it in detail, can quickly ignite your passion and improve your sense of experience and imagination. For example, I can't wait for you to push me down on the bed and caress my breasts with your hands. If you don't have any ideas, you can learn from recent sex, find out the details you like, and describe the behavior you like.

5. Take inspiration from pornography

If you are short of inspiration and ideas for sexting, or have no new ideas recently, you can look to pornography for inspiration. Find the plot settings you like, or the dialogue and actions you like. And watching porn can also broaden the boundaries of our sexual lives and enrich our sexual conversations. You can also recreate your favorite movie sex scenes, as long as your partner agrees.

6. Use sexy items

Using sexy items can give us great inspiration. For example, sex toys, sexy underwear, lubricants, condoms, etc., are all items that make each other feel sexy and ignite sexual desire. You can send them pictures and attach a paragraph, for example, this is the sexy underwear I just got. , what do you think about wearing it for you tonight?

7. Try role-playing

Trying out role-playing can also be a great way to ignite each other's passions, especially if you're both very interested in role-playing. Try to set up a plot and character setting that you both like, and create a story that is unique to you. Try role-playing to keep the excitement going for a long time, even outdoors. Discuss romantic fantasies you want to fulfill.

8. Stay curious

During the process of sending sexting, it is important to remain curious about what the other party is saying, as this will greatly affect the smoothness and experience of the process of sending sexting. Expressing curiosity and interest in what your partner has to say, sometimes just a few simple words, can go a long way in maintaining that passion.

Final thoughts

If you're not confident enough about sexting, don't be afraid that you don't have to be perfect. Moreover, sexting requires a lot of practice, and no one can perform well at the beginning. Try a few of the above and use your imagination to enhance your sexting experience.

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