How to clean sex toys like a pro?

How to clean sex toys like a pro?

Cleaning sex toys is something we need to pay attention to every day and cannot be ignored. Cleaning sex toys can not only maintain our health but also extend the service life of sex toys, so we must clean them regularly. So here’s how to properly clean sex toys so you can use them safer.

1. Understand the material structure of toys

Before you start cleaning your sex toy, knowing what the toy is made of will help you clean it better. The materials of sex toys can be divided into two main categories, porous materials and non-porous materials.

Common porous materials:

  • Thermoplastic rubber (TPE), thermoplastic elastomer (TPR), these are skin-safe rubber materials.
  • Jelly rubber, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), sometimes contains phthalates, chemicals that are harmful to humans.

Common non-porous materials:

  • borate glass
  • silicone
  • Stainless steel
  • ABS hard plastic

Porous materials do not clean as well as non-porous materials, and bacteria can easily remain in porous materials. Therefore, when using porous materials, pay great attention to hygienic cleaning and timely replacement, and avoid choosing materials that may contain phthalates. Of course, it is better to choose non-porous materials, which are not only cleaner and healthier, but also have a longer service life.

2. Clean sex toys before and after use

Even if you give your sex toy a deep clean after each use, you still need to clean the toy before each use. Sex toys may still come into contact with dust, bacteria, and stains after cleaning, so this is also a safer option. And you don’t want sex toys to face material corrosion, shape deformation, and impact on battery power supply.

When cleaning sex toys, use mild, unscented soap and water to clean the sex toys and remove the foam. The premise is that your sex toy is waterproof, if not, you can wipe it with a damp soapy towel.

If your sex toys are made of 100% silicone, borate glass, or stainless steel, you can boil them in water to fully sterilize them.

3. Keep dry after cleaning

Although non-porous materials are less likely to harbor bacteria than porous materials, they still need to be kept dry after cleaning. Although adding cleaning sex toys to your daily cleaning routine seems boring. But cleaning sex toys isn't just for health and safety, it can also reduce the risk of inflammation and disease infections.

While bacteria won't survive for long in non-porous materials, moist conditions encourage the growth of bacteria. So for your health and the longevity of your sex toys, clean your sex toys in a timely manner, especially non-porous sex toys.

If you have finished cleaning the toy, please use a clean soft towel or cotton cloth to wipe the toy clean. Remember to avoid scrubbing the toy vigorously and roughly during this process, as it may cause damage to the appearance. After cleaning, place the toys in a clean, ventilated place away from direct sunlight.

4. If you are too tired, you can occasionally use toy cleaner

If you are too tired after sex or you forgot to clean your sex toys. Bacteria remaining on toys will multiply rapidly, which will not only affect our physical health, but also damage the service life of the toys.

Using unclean toys can lead to bacterial and inflammatory infections, causing discomfort, irritation and other symptoms in your genital area. If things go on like this, it can endanger your health. So it’s important to clean your sex toys properly before and after each use.

If you are too sleepy after sex, you can put toy cleaning wipes and detergent on the bedside before starting to use sex toys. After use, use toy cleaning wipes and detergent to wipe away body fluids and lubricants from the toys. Take it off and give the toy a simple cleaning. Give the toys a deep clean after they've had a good rest.

5. Use condoms

Putting a condom on a sex toy before each use can protect our health and avoid the trouble of cleaning sex toys. If you're thinking about sharing sex toys, using a condom is a smart choice. But remember when choosing a lubricant, pay attention to whether it will react with condoms.

6. Store sex toys correctly

If you will not use sex toys for a long time, remember to clean the toys carefully and put the toys in a dust bag after ensuring that the toys are completely dry. Avoid extreme temperatures and choose a dark, dry environment to store toys.

Final thoughts

Proper cleaning of sex toys can not only ensure physical health, but also extend the service life of the toys. It is recommended to clean the toy with water and mild soap before and after each use. After ensuring that the toys are completely dry, choose a ventilated, dry environment that avoids extreme temperatures, and store the toys correctly.

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