How alcohol affects sex life

How alcohol affects sex life

Most people regard alcohol as an aphrodisiac, believing that it can make sex more pleasurable and increase sexual desire. At the same time, it is regarded as a good medicine for relaxation and mood improvement, but is it really so? What kind of impact does alcohol have on sex and sexual experience? Is it more beneficial than harmful, or more harmful than beneficial? 

Acting as a social lubricant

Alcohol can have a great impact on us. For example, alcohol can make our emotions more excited and enhance our courage. Alcohol can reduce our depression, anxiety and tension, and we can face and socialize with a more relaxed attitude. Relieving the tense atmosphere in social occasions and making us more relaxed will also help us socialize better.

Alcohol will lower your sex hormone level

Alcohol will affect hormones in the body, such as testosterone, dopamine, sex hormones, etc. These are hormones that affect sexual desire. At the beginning, alcohol does increase sex hormones, testosterone and dopamine for a short time. But it will not last for a long time, and it will gradually decrease over time. It leads to an overall decrease in sex hormone levels. And sex hormone levels will affect sexual ability and sexual experience. A large amount of alcohol will lead to a decrease in sexual experience.

Alcohol inhibits orgasm

In many erroneous perceptions, alcohol is considered a special medicine that enhances sexual desire and even sexual performance. But the opposite is true. Alcohol inhibits sexual desire and even reduces the sensitivity of the genitals, making sexual arousal more difficult. At the same time, it takes more time to reach orgasm, making it difficult to achieve orgasm.

Alcohol also has different effects on gender. Alcohol affects vaginal lubrication and increases discomfort caused by friction during sexual intercourse. Alcohol also affects sexual function and erection, and even increases the possibility of premature ejaculation, reducing the ability and intensity of orgasm.

Alcohol affects sleep quality

Sleep quality is an important part of our lives, because sleep time occupies about one-third of our time a day. Alcohol is a factor that affects sleep quality. Alcohol will put you in a more excited state, which will affect falling asleep. The body needs a longer time to digest and metabolize alcohol. These will reduce sleep time, and doctors recommend that you stay asleep for 7-9 hours a day. Shorter sleep will have an adverse effect on sleep quality.

Alcohol blurs your boundaries

Alcohol will slow your thinking and slow your actions. At the same time, the boundaries will become blurred and affect judgment.

Alcohol will also blur the boundaries of consent, especially sexual consent. When you are drunk, you are not able to consent to sex. Consent is required and more importantly, you may forget about it the next day.

Alcohol affects fertility

If you have sex for pregnancy, then alcohol will have a very negative impact on fertility, for example, it will reduce the quality of sperm, reduce the number, size and vitality of sperm. And increase the possibility of ovulation dysfunction. Especially drinking a lot of alcohol will reduce the possibility of pregnancy. So if you have sex for pregnancy, you should check your drinking habits.

Alcohol makes sex unpleasant

Alcohol will affect our sex life in many aspects. Although there are positive aspects, if there is more alcohol, it will turn the positive aspects into negative effects. Alcohol will make our thinking and actions slow down, making it more difficult for the body to be aroused. Reduce vaginal fluid secretion, increase the discomfort caused by friction, and reduce sexual experience.

Alcohol has a more direct impact on men, causing erectile dysfunction and reducing blood flow to the genital area. Alcohol has a great impact on male sexual function, such as reducing the hardness of the penis and even causing premature ejaculation.

Final thoughts

Although alcohol can add to the fun, make each other's mood high, relieve stress, and make us feel more relaxed. But be careful not to drink too much, which will not only bring many negative effects, but also destroy the positive effects produced in the past. In short, the impact of alcohol on sex life is more harmful than beneficial. Only a small amount of drinking can have a positive effect.

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