Creative ideas for blindfolding your partner

Creative ideas for blindfolding your partner

Want to add a little new creativity and excitement to your bedroom play? Blindfolding is probably one of the easiest and sexiest ways to do it. Whether you're an experienced person or a newbie, blindfolding your eyes can be a great way to add excitement and novelty. Blindfolding allows you to better use your imagination and make sex more exciting. Here are some creative ideas that you can try while blindfolding.

Why is blindfolded sex so appealing?

Depriving one feeling will enhance other feelings, and blindfolding will bring sexual excitement and tension, stronger feelings. At the same time, blindfolding can better use your imagination and expect what the other person will do to you, and you will feel better. own desires. Feel the power dynamics, the thrill of dominating and being dominated.


Communicate in advance

Before you start trying a blindfold, it's important to communicate with your partner and make sure they agree. Maintaining more communication can improve a sense of security. Expressing your desires and what attracts you to your partner can better increase your partner's interest in it.

Set boundaries

Understand and respect each other’s boundaries and preferences, and set safe words to break the mood, such as a traffic light system, red, yellow, green.

Start slow

Before you start trying a blindfold, start slowly and protect your partner's sense of security. You can start by kissing your partner all over, touching your partner's body, stimulating your partner's sensitive areas, or giving your partner an oral stimulation. You can get a feel for your preferences during this process, and if you feel good about it, you can explore further.

9 Creative Blindfold Ideas

1. Feed your blindfolded partner

You can try to feed your blindfolded partner, try different foods, ask your partner to guess the name of the food, and punish or tease them appropriately, which can make this session more exciting and interesting. Or put food such as popsicles or cream on your partner's body, and then lick it slowly little by little.

2. Blindfold each other

You can choose to blindfold each other, or one of you can blindfold and the others watch. A blindfolded person explores his or her body, which can increase sexual arousal and tension.

3. Temperature game

Adding temperature play to blindfold play can amplify sensory stimulation. You can try running ice cubes across your partner's skin, or hold a piece of ice in your mouth and kiss your partner's body and lips. Of course, if you prefer to inject a little heat, the candle game is perfect for feeling the stimulation of warm wax oil dripping on your skin. As a novice, it is recommended to start with soy candles, which are less likely to burn the skin, and take the temperature on the back of your hand before starting to drip wax.

4. Add earplugs

Try adding earplugs to your blindfold to take things to the next level. Depriving yourself of the auditory experience makes other feelings and stimulation more intense.

5. Erotic Massage

Erotic massage can be a good form of foreplay. Not only can it make your partner sexually aroused faster, but it can also be a very sexy thing to explore your partner's body with your hands.

6. Treat the blindfold as a restraint

Use your imagination and use the blindfold as a new restraint tool. It can be used as a wrist or ankle cuff. It is also very simple and easy to operate, but it must be operated on the basis of consent.

7. Blindfolded outdoors

You can blindfold yourself, take your partner to a new environment, feel the excitement and tension brought by different environments, and better master and control your partner.

8. Talk dirty

Talking dirty is a great way to raise the mood and spice things up. Blindfolding can provide better auditory stimulation, and talking dirty can not only improve sexual excitement and tension, but also improve emotions before sex, not only during sex.

9. Use eye patches as feathers

Use an eye patch as a feather, and if your eye patch is made of silk, it's a great way to rub it against your partner's skin. For a different kind of stimulation, think of it as a feather to tease your partner. Or try items with different materials and textures, touch and rub them on your partner's body, and let your partner guess its name, which adds excitement and fun.

10. More restrictions

If you and your partner like bondage, you can incorporate more bondage into the blindfold. You can try more bondage tools, handcuffs, shackles, gags, collars, or even add some sex toys such as vibrators to enhance feelings and stimulation.

Final thoughts

Blindfolding is a simple but effective way to add fun and excitement. It can also be used as an exploration bondage or more of an introductory game. You can better feel the power dynamics and increase sexual excitement and tension.

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