Better ways to masturbate in the shower

Better ways to masturbate in the shower

Have you ever tried masturbating in the shower? If not, you're missing out on a lot of joy. There are many choices of places to masturbate. Why is shower masturbation so popular?

What are the benefits of masturbating in the shower?

Incorporating masturbation into the bath can make the process more enjoyable, relaxing and pleasurable. The atmosphere in the shower can also help us relieve stress and anxiety. Moreover, orgasm can also release endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin and other hormones, making us happy and at the same time falling asleep better and having high-quality sleep.

Is it safe to masturbate in the shower?

The answer is safe, but the key is not to use shower heads or faucets for penetrative sex, or to flush water into the vagina. This will destroy the balance of vaginal flora and lead to bacterial and inflammatory infections.

Instead, you direct the stream of water towards your clitoris, stimulating it. Make sure the water is at the right temperature. You can measure the temperature on your hands to ensure you don't burn yourself, or the water flow is too strong and irritating, causing pain. As long as you pay attention to these, you can enjoy the pleasure of masturbating in the shower.

How to better try shower masturbation

1. Ensure cleanliness and hygiene

Before you start masturbating, make sure your shower head, faucets, and bathtub are clean. If not, clean it with clean water and mild soap. Pay attention to hygiene when engaging in any sexual activity. After all, I don’t think you want to get an infection from a lack of hygiene.

2. Arrange the space

Add a little atmosphere to your bathroom, and at the same time add a sense of ritual to your masturbation, so that you can focus more on enjoying self-pleasure time and showering. Adding a non-slip bath mat can ensure your own safety and better enjoyment. Add some good-smelling scented candles to the bathroom space. The process of lighting the scented candles and its warm and dim light adds a new atmosphere to the bathroom space. You can also play sexy music or erotic audiobooks to get more immersed. Of course, you can also prepare red wine and some food to bring you some taste enjoyment.

3. Start trying shower heads

After ensuring hygiene, start masturbating in the shower. You can test the temperature and pressure on your hands to find your own comfortable feeling and avoid excessive stimulation. You can try pointing the shower head around the clitoris for water stimulation. Try different angles, positions and pressures to find the intensity and method that pleases you. There is nothing wrong with knowing yourself better and enjoying your own happiness.

You can also try using your fingers while trying the shower head to better explore your body and sensitive areas. Increase the pleasure in this process and experience double stimulation.

4. Use lubricating oil

Using lube during shower masturbation can be a great way to increase pleasure and reduce friction and discomfort. It can also allow the body to enter combat status better and faster. Regarding the choice of lubricant, my suggestion is to choose a silicone-based lubricant. It is long-lasting, and it will not be difficult to clean up and make a mess like oil-based lubricants, nor will it be as easy as water-based lubricants. washed away. So this is a very good choice. However, if your sex toy is made of silicone, silicone-based lubricants will degrade the silicone sex toy, so it is necessary to consider the other two lubricants and combine their advantages and disadvantages to make a suitable choice.

5. Add sex toys

Want to make your shower sex even more exciting and fun? Why not try a new sex toy? Sex toys can not only be used as foreplay tools to help with sexual arousal, but sex toys can also be used in conjunction with each other to experience the stimulation and experience of mixed orgasms. A new sex toy can break the silence of the lake and bring new vitality to your sex life. Why not give it a try? In today's growing sex toy industry, there are many types, colors and materials for you to choose from. If it is your first time to try sex toys, I recommend rose sex toys to you. They not only have a beautiful and hidden appearance, but are also powerful, allowing you to experience the pleasure of violent oral sex. They are also IPX7 waterproof, which is very suitable for Play in the shower.

Final thoughts

Want to add new spice to your sex life? Why not try shower masturbation? It can not only relieve stress and anxiety, let us fall asleep better and have high-quality sleep, but also explore our own happiness and pleasure, focus on enjoying the moment, and let us enjoy the shower more. Wonderful time.

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