7 little habits to improve your life

7 little habits to improve your life

Want to improve your current sex life? It's time to make some new changes to make your sexual experience exciting. Here are some daily habits that can improve your current boring sex life. Whether you are with a partner or single, you can use these habit techniques to change your current situation.

Are there any benefits to improving your sex life?

A regular and healthy sex life can improve our sleep, allowing us to fall asleep better and have higher quality sleep. Endorphins, prolactin, etc. are produced during sex, which can make us feel relaxed and happy physically and mentally. While reducing anxiety, it can also relieve pain and spasms to a certain extent. Sex can also enhance sexual intimacy and affection with your partner, enhance sexual desire and self-confidence, etc. Sex can bring us many benefits, so it is important for us to have a healthy sex.

7 little habits to improve your sex life

1. Wake up in the morning and masturbate

You can put masturbation on your morning to-do list, but don't treat it as a must-do, which makes masturbation itself painful. Prioritize your own happiness and feelings before deciding whether to do it or not. This can also set the tone for the stress of your day and practice mindfulness. It can also relieve waking up frustration and depression and improve your mood.

2. Get enough sleep

Adequate sleep can bring better sexual desire. Insufficient sleep has a negative impact on sexual desire. Feeling sleepy after going to bed will also destroy previous sexual desire. Studies have shown that the longer a woman sleeps, the stronger her sexual desire is the next day and the more likely she is to have sex with her partner. For an extra hour of sleep, you are 14% more likely to have sex with your partner.

3. Practice mindfulness and yoga

Schedule time to practice mindfulness and awareness. You can close your eyes, focus on your breathing, and your feelings, and perform breathing exercises. Be nonjudgmental and focus on the present moment. Practicing mindfulness meditation has great benefits for our sex life. After all, our senses are the key to sexual arousal and pleasure.

Yoga can help you increase your libido, as well as help a lot with sexual arousal, orgasm, lubrication, libido, and pain relief. The basic postures of yoga can relax and improve the pelvic muscles.

4. Schedule sex

Do you think sex can only be completely spontaneous? Scheduling sex can be boring, so why not schedule sex on your calendar when you can schedule other activities on your calendar? Moreover, there are actually many benefits to arranging sex. For example, it can make our sex frequency and sex life healthier. You can be fully prepared for this sex in advance without being disturbed by other things, and you can also enjoy it for a long time. Time is in a state of sexual excitement and tension. You can also arrange activities for this sex, such as taking a bath together, massaging each other, etc. Therefore, we must break the prejudice against arranged sex and correctly understand arranged sex.

5. Drink alcohol in moderation

Drinking alcohol appropriately before you start having sex can increase your interest and sexual desire, and can also make sex more interesting. But remember not to drink too much. If you drink too much, it will be detrimental to your sex life. It will affect the erection and duration, and weaken the perception of pleasure. So drinking in moderation is very important.

6. Try new things

Try something new to add spice and excitement to your sex life. Such as BDSM, role play, sex toys and exploring sexual fantasies, etc. All of these can make your sex life more interesting. In the process of exploration, you will learn more about your preferences, likes and dislikes, and maybe you will discover new stimulations. Now we can buy a variety of sex toys. You can choose the type, material and color you like. Sex toys can not only bring you faster orgasms, but can also be used in combination to give you better and more Violent mixed orgasms, a more exciting sexual experience.

7. Solo before bed

Performing solo before bed not only allows us to fall asleep faster, but also improves the quality of our sleep. At the same time, playing solo before bed can also relieve stress and relax muscles. In the process, hormones such as endorphins and oxytocin are released, which can make us feel pleasure and happiness.

8. Allow yourself to fantasize

After all, the brain is the sexiest organ. You can choose to arrange a period of time to engage in sexual fantasies before going to bed. Of course, you can also choose to explore your sexual fantasies while masturbating. You can also use some porn to find inspiration for yourself and better explore your sexual fantasies. You can also recall past sexual experiences and imagine things that ignited your sexual desire.

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