6 foreplay ideas worth trying this weekend

6 foreplay ideas worth trying this weekend

Want to try a new foreplay idea this weekend? Foreplay is important to our sex life, and these foreplay ideas can help you and give you new ideas. Today we’ll discuss what foreplay is, why it’s important, and foreplay ideas worth trying.

What Is Foreplay?

So what exactly counts as foreplay? Foreplay includes all activities before sexual intercourse. But foreplay is sometimes also called intercourse. Foreplay includes kissing, hugging, touching, licking, biting, etc. Of course, sexting and dirty talk are also included in foreplay. However, the purpose is to make the body more excited, increase sexual tension, and promote sexual arousal. Although foreplay is sometimes considered a warm-up activity, foreplay does not necessarily lead to sexual intercourse. For some people, foreplay is all there is to sex.

Why Is Foreplay Important?

So why is foreplay important to us? Foreplay not only produces pleasure but also maintains sexual excitement and tension. If you do enough foreplay, the vagina will produce lubrication, reducing subsequent pain and discomfort. Foreplay can also prolong penile erection and prevent premature ejaculation.

Foreplay Ideas Worth Trying

1.Watch the other person take off their clothes

In the bedroom, they watched each other slowly take off their clothes, observing each other's expressions and every inch of their skin. Keep this moment in your mind and record your mood at this time. Of course, it is also a different scene if you say a few flirty words at this time, or praise a certain part of your partner's body to make your partner blush.

2.Swear words

Don't be afraid to talk about your dirty, crazy thoughts within your partner's ear. Don't be afraid to describe them. Keep each other excited and stimulated about what's to come, and of course my advice is, not just in the bedroom. You can start from the living room on the couch and describe your dirty sexy ideas to implementation. This will make the process exciting and fun.

3.Temperature game

You must be familiar with temperature games. Temperature games are mainly divided into two categories: candle games and ice cube games. You can also enjoy the ultimate experience of combining the two.

The most recommended for those new to the candle game are soy candles, which are low temperature, safe and not easy to burn. Before you begin, you can test the temperature on the back of your hand before applying drops to your partner's body. Be careful to avoid the head, genital area, hairy areas and avoid splashing in the eyes. Wax can be difficult to clean, so place disposable sheets on the bed before you begin.

Ice cube games, when it comes to ice cube games, summer comes to mind. You can imagine how well ice cube games fit into summer.

And ice cubes are very easy to obtain. You can gently slide the ice cubes on your partner's skin and over your partner's sensitive areas. Feeling the slight trembling of your partner. You can also put ice cubes in your mouth, kiss your partner, and feel the ice cubes swimming between your lips and teeth.

Of course, you can also heat or cool your sex toys. Do not put sex toys directly in the freezer layer of the refrigerator. You can soak it in ice water, but remember to check the temperature on your hand before use.

4. Sexting

Not only does sexting bring you closer together, it can also increase your sexual intimacy. You may feel awkward at first, but don't worry too much, this is normal. So use your imagination and go for it! At the beginning, you send something you want to try, or what you like the other person to do during sex. You can also send photos of you wearing sexy underwear, etc. But before sending, make sure the other person is in a suitable place. time and place.

5. Take a bath together

Bathing together is a double enjoyment for the body and mind. Bathing together in the fragrance of body care, cleaning each other's bodies and rubbing backs helps relax the body and mind, and relieve muscle and mental stress. In this process, the intimacy and trust between both parties can be enhanced, and more in-depth communication can also be achieved in this process.

6. Massage each other

You can light scented candles during massage to relax your tense nerves and add interest to the massage. Give your partner a back, chest, foot massage or full body massage. Drop the massage oil on your partner's body, caress your partner's body, massage your partner's muscles, and give your partner a physical and mental relaxation. Mutual massage between partners can cultivate a sense of intimacy.

Final thoughts

Foreplay is very important to us. It not only gives us pleasure, but also promotes sexual arousal. It keeps us in a state of sexual excitement for a long time, so that we can prepare ourselves more fully for subsequent activities. Prepare.

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