5 creative ways to make water sex sexier

5 creative ways to make water sex sexier

Let’s talk about one of the most common and alluring fantasies, shower sex. Fantasizing about sex on the beach, in the pool, or in a hot bathtub is all very tempting.

Water is attractive but also comes with dangers, including possible loss of balance, difficulty in movement and increased risk of infection. But even so, sex in water still attracts people. What makes people so fascinated by it? And how to make water sex more sexy and creative?

Why is sex in water so attractive?

In the steaming bathtub, enjoy the hot water soaking your body, giving you a feeling of relaxation and fatigue relief. Different intensities and angles of the hand shower will also bring different feelings and stimulation. Try different positions, from nipples to clitoris, to help you find the sensitive area that suits you. Be careful not to rush the water into the vagina. This has May lead to increased risk of inflammation and infection.

Water sex tips

1. Don’t give up on foreplay

Even when having sex in water, don’t ignore the role of foreplay. Foreplay can greatly enhance the sexual experience. Sex in the water is far away from the sex scenes in daily life, adding freshness and sexual excitement. At the same time, the touch and feeling of water also satisfy many people's fantasies.

2. Use lubricant

Don't ignore the role of lubricants in water, you can have a better feeling. At the same time, choosing lubricants also requires skills. There are many types of lubricants, such as water-based lubricants, oil-based lubricants and silicone-based lubricants. Water-based lubricants are easily washed away by water, so water-based lubricants are not suitable for playing in the water. If you use a condom, the oil-based lubricant will react with the condom and damage the structure. Therefore, the most suitable lubricant for playing in water is silicone-based lubricant. However, silicone-based lubricant has its corresponding shortcomings and cannot be used with silicone materials. sex toys to play with.

3. Try new things

Try new things during shower sex, such as trying new sex positions and experiencing different stimulation types and positions. Of course, in the water, try some new activities and items, such as role-playing as a swimming instructor and student, or exploring sexual fantasies, etc. Please use your imagination.

4. Use sex toys

Sex toys can provide new creative inspiration and add interest to water sex. But be careful that your vibrator is waterproof, and avoid using silicone-based lubricants that can damage the toy.

5. Set temperature

Everyone has different preferences for temperature, so set the appropriate temperature. The hot temperature usually brings about a better feeling, relaxing muscles and tension, but be careful not to slip because of it.

Precautions for sex in water

1. Don’t just focus on plug-in behavior

When trying water sex, focusing only on penetrative behavior will greatly reduce the sexual experience and satisfaction. Ignoring your partner's needs and feelings may also affect your relationship.

2. Don’t forget to use condoms

Although the survival time of sperm is shorter during sex in water, especially hot water, it is still possible to get pregnant. So don't let your guard down. It is necessary to use condoms if you do not plan to have children and to reduce the risk of disease transmission.

3. Pay attention to anti-slip

It is more difficult to maintain balance in the water. The pressure and resistance of the water will make your movements slower and more difficult. Excess water can also increase the risk of slips and falls. Anti-slip measures can be set up before starting, such as anti-slip mats.

4. Don’t stay in one place

Don't stay in one place for too long, as you may get tired easily. When trying to have sex in water, you can try different positions and angles to find the best state.

5. Don’t use soap as a lubricant

Soap is used for cleaning and cannot be brought into the vagina. It will destroy the original bacterial flora structure of the vagina and increase the risk of infection.

6. Don’t be stressed

Especially if it's your first time to have sex in water, don't be discouraged if you can't achieve the perfect imagination and effect. Shower sex is not that easy, and it takes more attempts to achieve better results.

7. Avoid putting your weight on unsafe items

Placing your weight on an unsafe location, such as a soap dish, hook, or decoration fixed to the wall, may cause falls, injuries, etc., especially if it is rocking back and forth.

Final thoughts

Have fun, sex in the water can lead to messy situations, but don't let a slip ruin your mood or throw off your rhythm. It’s normal to feel confused for the first time and not know what to do. Just do it boldly and try it while ensuring safety.

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