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12 ways to improve your sex life

In the chaos of daily life, from work obligations and social events, to trying to squeeze into the mix of reading, binge-watching and keeping up with social media, sex often takes a back seat. Confusingly, an extra episode on Netflix seems to be more important than the intimacy we once cherished with our partners.

When it comes to intimacy, familiarity can sometimes dampen excitement. However, have no fear! There are many simple adjustments you can make to invigorate your sex life, even beyond the excitement you felt when you first started. Cheers to enhancing your sexual experience tonight - consider this your invitation.

1.Try Kegel Contacts

If you haven't tried Kegel exercises yet, give them a try. They target the pelvic floor muscles to enhance orgasm, sexual desire, and overall sexual satisfaction. To find these muscles, try stopping urination midway—this feeling is a sign that you've found them. The simplest exercise involves tightening these muscles for five to ten seconds and then relaxing, repeating five times a day. Incorporate this habit into your daily routine and within a few weeks, you'll be reaping the benefits.

2. Explore and try new things

Do you harbor unspoken desires or sexual curiosities? It's time to open up. Start by researching and reflecting on whether this aligns with your desires. Then, have a conversation about it with your partner. Not sure how to broach this topic? Here's a guide to discussing new bedroom experiences with your partner.

3. Create the perfect atmosphere

Picture a softly lit room decorated with candles, a neatly made bed (even if it doesn't stay that way for long!), and soft music playing in the background. It may sound cliche, but these elements work wonders in inducing relaxation. Remember this mantra: When you relax and be fully present in the moment, the intimacy that ensues is bound to be more fulfilling.

4. Do yoga

Engage in yoga or any exercise that enhances your sensuality and relaxation. While yoga resonates with me, you may find your best in HIIT, running, or Pilates. Make time every day to engage in activities that lift your spirits and ensure you're tapping into positive energy during your intimate moments.

5. Improve your foreplay routine

It’s not just a prelude to sex; it’s a prelude to sex. It prepares your body for a rich experience with your partner. Try new ideas, like getting an oil massage or playing a fun game. Remember, sexual arousal doesn't always require nudity; it's about stimulating the mind and body.

6. Express gratitude

Incorporate gratitude into your relationship dynamic. Your level of sexual intimacy often reflects the state of your overall relationship. If you notice a decrease in sexual satisfaction, it could be a sign of underlying problems in your relationship. Enhance communication and intimacy with your partner by expressing gratitude. Acknowledge and appreciate their small gestures, such as helping with chores or preparing a simple weeknight dinner.

7. Consciously create anticipation

Remember that exciting feeling when your partner looks absolutely stunning and you can't stop thinking about them all night long, eagerly anticipating your reunion? Deliberately embrace this feeling from time to time. Put off getting dressed until last and get ready—do your hair and makeup—in just your underwear.

8. Escape from the bedroom

Inject excitement into your sex life. When you own an entire home or apartment, don't limit intimacy to one room. Explore new locations like the shower (despite the slippery challenge, you've done it!), the kitchen, and even the car (rekindle high school makeout memories). The possibilities are endless – so embrace them!

9. Sex toys

Integrate sex toys into your shared experiences with your partner. They're not limited to single-player games! Explore a store or website together – not only is this a great networking activity, it’s also an opportunity to discover something new. While introducing sex toys into your relationship may seem daunting, approaching it with open communication and a relaxed mindset can make it a valuable tool to spice things up and break the routine.

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10. Monitor your sexual activity

When life gets busy, it's easy to let weeks slip by without having intimate moments with your partner.  If you notice a decline, that's a sign you need to implement strategies to reignite the spark. You can also use a planner or regular calendar app for this purpose, just use discreet code (perhaps a funny emoji) to ensure privacy (if you're worried about others seeing your entries).

11. Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can significantly impact your sex drive—and let's face it, having sex when you're exhausted doesn't sound appealing at all. While it's important to have fun, make sure you start at a reasonable time so you can fully enjoy yourself and look forward to even more excitement the next night.

12. Embrace self-love

There’s a reason why discussions of body image are crucial. Having confidence in yourself can enhance every aspect of your life, including your self-esteem and especially your sex life. Imagine the freedom of being naked with your partner and being proud of your body – it takes a weight off your shoulders, right? This is truly remarkable, yet often overlooked. If you need support along the way, don't worry - we're here to help.

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