11 sex questions you should ask your partner

11 sex questions you should ask your partner

Sex is an important part of a long-term romantic relationship, and good sexual intimacy can bring partners closer together. Talking about sex with your partner can help you better understand each other's sexual preferences, improve your sex life, and enhance intimacy and emotion.

However, most couples may feel that talking about sex will make each other feel embarrassed. This can cause you to miss out on the opportunity to become more intimate with each other and learn more about your partner and each other's sexual fantasies. Or if you want to change your existing sex life, talking about sex to your partner is also a good way to improve your sexual experience.

1.What is the most obscene dream you have ever had?

This is a great way to start a conversation about sex, use your imagination and creativity to describe the parts you like, and is also a great opportunity to practice dirty talk and teasing your partner.

2. What type of porn do you like?

What kind of porn attracts you, and what about it can quickly ignite your desire. Talk about what kind of behaviors and plots each other is more interested in. If you are both interested in the same behavior, you can explore it together. Is there anything sexier than this?

3. What is your sexual fantasy?

Find out if your partner has sexual fantasies and what they are about, and share their fantasies with each other, as well as favorite behaviors and parts. Talking about each other's sexual fantasies is also a way to bring each other closer and practice the fantasies into reality. If you cannot accept your partner's sexual fantasies, understand and respect your partner's sexual fantasies and respect each other's boundaries.

4. What things can quickly ignite your sexual desire?

Understand what each other is excited about. High sexual desire is not only related to direct sexual suggestion. Anything that makes you feel comfortable, intimate conversations with your partner, or unexpected things, etc., may be a fuel for your sexual desire. 

5. Where do you like or dislike being touched?

Everyone has different sensitive areas and different favorite parts. Communicating with your partner can help you understand each other better and make sex more enjoyable. If you don’t know your partner’s erogenous zones, try starting with common erogenous zones such as buttocks, nipples, breasts, genital area, etc.

6. What do you like after sex?

What activities after sex will make you relax and feel happy. Learn each other’s favorite aftercare rituals. Because everyone's sexual preferences are different, open and honest communication is necessary. For example, common sexual care, holding hands, hugging, bathing together, etc. Lack of sexual care will ruin the entire sexual experience. Pay attention to sexual aftercare.

7. What makes you feel anxious?

What makes you feel anxious and uneasy during sex? Performance anxiety is a very common phenomenon during sex. Acknowledging your weaknesses and anxieties can quickly bring you closer to each other and improve your sexual life and experience. And talking about your own anxiety and insecurity with your partner can alleviate the situation, and you can also solve it with your partner.

8. Add sex toys to your sex life

Adding sex toys to your sex life can add freshness and improve your sex life. And there are many types of sex toys with functions for you to choose from, making your bedroom games more interesting. Sex toys that often appear in the bedroom, such as vibrators, anal plugs, dildos, BDSM props, etc. The addition of sex toys can break up the boredom, but only with the consent of your partner.

9. Have sex at what time of day you like

What time of the day do you feel the most? For example, some people insist on having sex in the morning, while some people can only accept it at night.

Understanding each other's preferences can lead to better sex frequency. And it’s also possible to identify what affects your partner’s sexual desire.

10. New things you want to try

Is there anything you have always been interested in but haven't tried yet? Making a sexual wish list with each other can help you get to know each other better and talk about the behaviors each other wants to try in bed, such as adding sex toys, dirty talk, role play, etc. Yes, no, maybe lists can help you better understand each other’s preferences and identify things you want to try.

11. What role does sex play in our relationships?

Sex is an important part of a long-term romantic relationship for most couples. Understand how much sex is in each other's lives, how important it is, and the role it plays in your relationship.

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