10 Sex Myths You Shouldn't Believe in Anymore

10 Sex Myths You Shouldn't Believe in Anymore

Although some of these myths about sex have been dispelled long ago, many people still believe them. These sex myths not only affect some adults, but also teenagers. We can attribute this to the lack of sex education, the influence of religion and traditional culture, or the influence of pornography. In short, these false sex myths not only affect teenagers, but also have a great misleading effect on adults.

1. Sex is like in porn

Many people's knowledge and education about sex comes from pornography, especially in countries and regions where sex education is relatively backward. This will lead to wrong perceptions and misunderstandings about sex, thinking that sex should be like in pornography. Although watching pornography is not bad for us, it should not be the source of sex education and represent sex in real life.

In short, sex is not as perfect and intense as in pornography. The most important thing about sex in real life is to pay attention to the feelings and sexual experience of both parties.

2. Cheating while masturbating in a relationship

Some people think that they will not masturbate when they are in a romantic relationship. Masturbation means that the relationship between the partners has broken down or that they are not attracted to each other. This is completely wrong. No matter what kind of relationship you are in, masturbation is a very normal and healthy sexual behavior.

Masturbation is a very healthy behavior. You can also understand your body better and what makes you feel better and more excited. And tell your partner more specifically to improve your sexual experience.

3. You will not get pregnant if you ejaculate outside the body

In fact, sperm will flow out during sexual intercourse, and only one sperm can cause pregnancy. And unprotected sex will increase the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

4. You will not get pregnant if you have sex during your menstrual period

During your menstrual period, your body's immunity and resistance will decrease. If you have unprotected sex, the risk of contracting diseases will be further increased. And even during menstruation, there is a probability that you will get pregnant and be infected with sexually transmitted diseases.

So whenever you have sex, wearing a condom is a protection for each other's health and safety, and condoms are the safest, most effective and convenient way.

5. Penis size is important

Due to the widespread spread of pornography, people are deeply influenced by pornography. They will compare pornography with reality, which will cause anxiety. Men are more concerned about their size, shape, size, etc. But does the size of the penis really have a big impact on sex life? A study shows that sexual satisfaction is more affected by intimacy, psychological connection and relationship satisfaction. Rather than the size of the penis.

If you are still not satisfied with the size of your penis, or want to give your partner some surprises. Then why not try sex toys, which not only have a lot of options for you to choose from, but also effectively improve sexual satisfaction.

6. Women can get orgasm only through vaginal intercourse

Due to the misleading of pornographic works, some people believe that women can get orgasm only through penetrative intercourse. However, not all women can reach orgasm through penetrative intercourse. Most women need to continuously stimulate the clitoris to orgasm, so during sex, spending a little more time to stimulate your partner's orgasm can increase sexual satisfaction.

7. Good sex is natural

Although a very small number of people are naturally compatible, for most people, sex requires a long period of communication, running-in and exploration. And because of the pressure of life and the mismatch of desires, it makes natural sex more difficult.

Arranging sex is not a boring thing. On the contrary, it can give us more time and energy to prepare and surprise each other. Arranging sex can reduce the interference of other things and make each other more immersed in sex life.

8. The first sex will be painful and bleed

The pain during sex is mostly caused by insufficient lubrication or too much tension. Try to relax and take it slow. The first sex can also feel pleasant.

9. Only orgasm is perfect sex

Orgasm is wonderful, but not only orgasm sex is perfect. No orgasm does not mean sexual dissatisfaction. Sexual satisfaction depends on many factors, and everyone's preferences are different. Even if sex does not end with orgasm, it can still be pleasurable. It is more important to explore each other's preferences and sexual desires than to focus on reaching orgasm.

10. People with quirks are psychopaths

Many people have preferences and sexual quirks, which is a very normal thing. With the popularity of "Fifty Shades of Grey", it is more clear that sexual quirks are not a niche thing. As quirks appear in the eyes of more and more people, the shame and weirdness of them will also be weakened. At the same time, more and more people are beginning to try to add quirks to bedroom games.

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