10 Exciting Ways to Revamp Your Solo Play and Banish Boredom

10 Exciting Ways to Revamp Your Solo Play and Banish Boredom

Are you bored with familiar postures or masturbation methods? If you want to add new creativity and fun to your masturbation, this article will introduce 10 ways to enhance your masturbation experience.

Reasons why people change their masturbation habits

We have the habit of masturbation at every stage, and there are many reasons to change masturbation habits, such as being bored with masturbation and wanting to change existing masturbation habits. With age, changes in body and hormones, we will change our masturbation habits. Or you want to make masturbation interesting and add interest to your sex life.

1. Change time and place

Everyone has different preferences for sex time. Some people like to have sex in the morning, and some people prefer to have sex at night. Changing the time of sex may bring you a fresh feeling. Having sex in the morning will bring fresh vitality to the day and start a good day. Changing the place of sex will also bring freshness and make sex more exciting. For example, keep your sex place away from the bedroom, such as trying in the living room, on the sofa, in the bathroom bathtub, in the car, etc.

2. Try different sexual activities

Try different sexual activities to bring you novel experiences. Change your daily habits and try new ones. Try sexual fantasies and watch porn.

3. Try sex toys

Sex toys are a simple and direct way to bring freshness and excitement to your sex life. And sex toys have a lot of types, functions, types and colors. Suitable for novices to experienced people, from vibrators, clitoral suckers, aircraft cups, penis rings, etc., can give you different feelings and stimulation.

If you want to use sex toys to change your masturbation habits, here I recommend this rose toy to you, which not only has a beautiful appearance design, a real good touch and powerful functions, but also has dual stimulation of vibration and sucking, giving you a different experience from other sex toys.

4. Change your own skills

Change the skills of touching yourself, you can try kneading, rotating, thrusting, rubbing and other methods, as well as different speeds and pressures, different stimulation feelings, will also bring different feelings, you can find your favorite stimulation methods and pressures, and understand more about how to make yourself happy.

5. Try different sexual fantasies

Everyone has different sexual fantasies, and talking about sexual fantasies with others is also a very interesting thing. Exploring different fantasies can also help you understand your preferences better, add new fun and excitement to your masturbation, and stay more positive about sex. You can also increase the atmosphere and feelings through erotic audio, erotic movies, books, etc.

6. Pay attention to different erogenous zones

Don't just focus on the genital area, pay more attention to other erogenous zones, and explore new erogenous zones. For example, nipples, inner thighs, behind the ears, neck, etc., gently touch your body, and add massage oil in the process to make the feeling more wonderful.

7. Try conscious masturbation

Slow down your movements and focus on your body and feelings. Connect the body and the mind, pay more attention to your feelings, the stimulation and pleasure brought to you by different ways, and understand yourself better.

8. Try edge games

Edge games refer to pausing when you are about to reach orgasm, then continuing to stimulate and pausing, and repeating several times to reach a more intense orgasm. However, edge games require practice, and they cannot be well controlled at the beginning. But as long as you try to find your own feelings seriously, you can improve your masturbation experience. Edge play is a continuous activity that can keep you excited for a long time and make the genital area more sensitive.

9. Try sensory games

You can try to deprive one of the senses to increase other sensory feelings. Blindfolding is a simple and direct way to increase excitement and stimulation, and you can use daily necessities at home, such as eye masks, scarves, ties and other items. Or try different tactile materials and rub the skin to bring different feelings.

10. Temperature game

Temperature game is a kind of sensory game that can bring different feelings and stimulation. For example, candle game or ice game. You want to try that feeling, depending on whether you want to feel hot or cold.

You can also try heating or putting sex toys in ice. Borosilicate glass and stainless steel sex toys have better thermal conductivity and can bring you stronger feelings and stimulation. It can be combined with sensory deprivation, such as blindfolding, wearing earplugs, wearing leather clothes, etc., so that you can have a more exciting and stimulating feeling.

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